So, if you  are a Tinkerer or an Educator or an Educational Institution, we@ Stem Center are all things Tech for you! 

Be it Robotics, Coding, Cognitive Skills or 3D Printing, partner with us..

Over 50+ in-demand courses taught by IIT, DCE Alumni

Our "4D Learning" framework integrates all four dimensions of Learning - Feeling Intrigued, Ideate Intuitively, Initiate solution & harness Ingenuity !

From Being Consumers to Creators of Digital Age



Multi-disciplinary field. Learn from Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Mindstorms, Huna, Fischer-technik.


6 ~ 21 Yrs


Digital Literacy essential key for the future. Learn Python, C/C++, Scratch. Code an App or Game.


 6 ~21 Yrs

Cognitive Skills

Attention is a real challenge today. Train Cognitive skills like focus, memory with latest Brain-wave wearables.

All ages 4 Yrs onwards

3D Printing

Industry certified courses in Design & Printing to equip you to turn your vision into a prototype.


10 Yrs onwards

Our curriculum has been Co-developed with partners from across the globe

Robotics & Coding camps for Kids & Teens

New batches starting from 10th Mar'20 ( Call@ 9821092796)

Tot-Bots Everywhere !

4 Learning themes to help kid identify Robots in real-life.


Build & Program your bot while mastering key STEM concepts.

20 Hrs for Ages: 6 ~ 8 Yrs

Build - Program - Perform

Batches start: 10th Mar

Task-Bots to the rescue

A guided exploration into everyday robotics. 10 days workshop for ages 9~12 Yrs- solutions to real problems.

20 Hrs to Save the World.


Batches start: 10th Mar

Make way for Elite-Bots

It's the season for Arduino Uno & Raspberry Pi. From sending signals into space to controlling your water geysers at home. Learn all about micro-controllers.


Project based Learning

For ages 13 Yrs onwards.

Batches start: 10th Mar

Yes! we love to Scratch3.0

Serious programming skills now start from early childhood.

From designing your own animated story to If-else statements, find it all here.

Scratch for 6 ~ 9 Yrs old

Batches start: 10th Mar

Learn the new age PYTHON

It's all about programming from algorithms to logic.  

20 Hrs to complete a level. Age-appropriate curriculum

Junior ~ Middle ~ Senior

Batches start: 10th Mar

To C or to C++

Learning C/C++ was never this easy with individual coaching and step-by-step engagement

20 Hrs to complete a level. 

From Basic to Advanced

Ages 13 Yrs onward

Batches start: 10th Mar

An App a day..keeps problems away! 

Its time for app building for solving real-life problems.

UI & UX both are critical to your success. Learn to code for Android or IOS platforms.

App-build for 9 ~ 17 Yr old

Batches start: 10th Mar

Web can be..will be!

Learn from basic HTML to CSS to serious Javascript programming to own the digital platforms like an expert.


15 Hrs to complete one level. Age-appropriate curriculum

Junior ~ Middle ~ Senior

Batches start: 10th Mar

Machine Learning ! Watch your step..

With games and app building , learn what is Machine Learning and how its done. Basic coding background required to start.


From Basic to Advanced

Ages 13 Yrs onward

Batches start: 10th Mar

Cognitive Skill -  development

Instructor led training in:

Attention Memory Spatial Ability & Decision making.

Designed by Neuro-scientists for all ages.

Brain-wave wearables for 1st Time in India !

Regn. start: 10th Mar

Industry certified 3D Printing Program

It's not "What can I do with 3D Printer?, rather question "What can't you do with a 3D printer".



Get certified in Design and Printing

Co-partner VELLEMAN

Batches start: 10th Mar

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Good Cognitive Skills are the foundation of Learning

If your child is struggling with any-one of below, the next step is to Visit us for an Assessment (Call 9821092796)



Acquiring knowledge or skills as taught in classroom or with peers and around



Ability to remember as well as use the recalled information during mental processes



Ability to Focus & maintain single thought process while ignoring distractions


decision making

Ability to consider factors, use logic & reasoning to make a decision

Our Solution


  • Enhance your child's Focus

  • Utilises Neeuro's Brain-wave sensor

  • Improve ability to perform daily tasks

  • Technology & Curriculum designed by Neuro-scientists

  • Brain-wave tracking

  • Weekly progress reports

  • Quarterly assessment

  • Customized curriculum

  • Train 4 Cognitive Skills

          Attention​             Spatial Ability

          Memory              Decision Making

Your passion & our 4D Learning frame-work has powerful potential to bring the change you wish to see!

Our Program Modules
  • In-school Labs  

  • After-school @ centres

  • Special camps & Workshops

  • Challenge Arena

Call us: +91 98 21 09 27 96

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