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Robotics is a multi-disciplinary field engaging entire K-12 education. Using versatile education kits our graded-curriculum engages students to develop skills for ingenuine solutions to real-life simulations & challenges.

Why Robotics ?

Most forward-looking discipline that engages the child through hands-on-learning of STEM curriculum. Develops Problem-solving, Analytical, Observation, Brain-storming, Experimental-design skills, while mastering the key concepts of traditional teachings.


Over 24 unique STEM based courses



4 ~ 21 Yrs

Build ~ Program ~ Perform

20 / 40 / 60 Hrs
In-School Customized Curriculum
After School Classes @ Centres
Seasonal Camps & Fast-track workshops

Tot-Bots Everywhere !

4 Learning themes to help kid identify Robots in real-life. Build & Program your bot while mastering key STEM concepts.

20 Hrs for Ages: 5 ~ 8 Yrs

Build - Program - Perform

Batches start: 1st Oct

Task-Bots to the rescue

A guided exploration into everyday robotics. 10 days workshop for ages 8~12 Yrs- solutions to real problems.

20 Hrs is all you got to Save the World.


Batches start: 1st Oct

Make way for Elite-Bots

It's the season for Arduino Uno, the amazing micr0-controller.

From sending signals into space to controlling your water geysers at home.

Project based Learning


For ages 13 Yrs onwards.

Batches start: 1st Oct

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