A detailed curriculum with step-by-step guidance to maximize your brain's fitness. Brainwave tracking utilising Neeuro, detects your level of focus and mental effort during training.

Better Focus equals Sharper Mind !

What are Cognitive Skills ?

Cognitive Skills are the foundation for learning. In today's world with numerous distractions, it's difficult for your child to maintain focus & attention.


Now with NeeuroFit curriculum it's possible to boost your child's cognitive skills like Attention, Spatial ability, Memory & Decision making.



4 Terms per year


4 Yrs onwards

Neuro-feedback Program

1:1 Coaching - Instructor Led

Attention    Spatial Ability

     Memory      Decision Making

No keyboards! No Mouse! Your mind becomes the controller.


Real-time Brain-wave tracking using wearables
Weekly brain journal
Quarterly Feedback and Assessment

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