What defines us ?

STEM Center ACE, which began as an Edu-tech start-up, is now one of the pioneers in developing unique STEM curriculum that integrate traditional teaching with future-ready tech-tools. Our grade-suited framework ensures every child irrespective of age or the subjects he is passionate about, from Science to Engineering Design to Mathematics to Creative Arts & Design, takes the leap to become not only a critical thinker or a problem solver but also next gen innovator.

In simple terms, we are a bunch of passionate nerds enabling & empowering you to define your tech-dream.

Our Mission

To create the most inspiring learning pedagogy that instills passion for STEM subjects in students so that they develop strong work ethic and higher level of critical thinking skills needed to solve real world challenges.

Our Vision

To be a globally recognized Edu-tech firm providing futuristic learning programs and support to a diverse community of STEM learners and entrepreneurs.

We are ahead of the Curve

With well stocked Equipment & tech-tools to guided curriculums to trainers who are masters in their fields to real-time progress tracking and feedback management, our classrooms become centers of Inspiration.

We believe 360⁰ training is passé, it’s time for “4D Learning”

  • 4 Dimensions of learning – Intrigue, Ideate, Initiate & Ingenuity

  • Age-specific curriculum delivered through versatile Industry standard Kits.

  • Emphasis on understanding and application of concepts.

  • Make students discover the power of teamwork.


Our Chief Mentor

Priyanka S

Founder, Tinkerer, Design specialist

an Alumni from prestigious Delhi College of Engineering, avid reader & passionate STEM educator

Dear Tinkerer,

We at STEM Center ACE, have forever endeavored to bring forth the most innovative tinkering activities as part of our multi-disciplinary curriculum that aims at channeling your learning identities into future-ready professions.


“4D Learning” is at the core of our forward-thinking tech education framework which is student driven and that breathes Ingenuity while providing ample opportunities to Aspire, Create & Exceed (ACE) in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) knowledge that you are most passionate about

This approach brings to life, solutions for real world challenges with creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship & an explosion of inventiveness. 

We are confident that your intellect, emotion, passion & our “4D Learning” together has a powerful potential to bring the change you wish to see in the world.

Happy tinkering!

a Delhi College of Engineering alumni initiative

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